I have a 2009 Expedition EL with the 5.4L V8. After hearing all the news about the eco boost engine in the F-150. I thought why wouldn't ford put it in the expedition and increase its mileage too. I get about 18.5 mpg on the highway. It would be nice to get closer to 22 mpg. Just a thought
Todd F 04/19/2013
If I'm posting this twice, please forgive me.
Ok, I would like a full size SUV that can fit my whole family and the dog, that gets improved MPG, can tow big toys uphill, and runs on gas. I love the F150Eco and the F250 Super duty, but my wife says that we can’t put the kids in the truck bed on the highway.  So, with that said, Ford do you have anything like that? I know you almost do. So let's put that Ecoboost V6 engine in the Expedition and get it on the streets. I can’t be the only family in America in this situation right? Anyway, when is this coming out?
Jeff 04/07/2013
I have 2008 2WD Expedition EL I need to get rid of soon, because we are moving to Colorado. I want the Ecoboost in the Expedition EL ASAP!!!
Russ Arpaia 04/07/2013
I would buy one tomorrow if it had ecoboost engine, please get it going FORD
Waschevyman 01/12/2013
I havent been a ford owner in a long time but sure would jump on an ecoboost Expedition. Anybody got a clue when it might show up?
Joseph 12/18/2012
My wife had an expedition 1st and then I traded my silverado for an ecoboost F150. I used to like driving the expedition until I got the truck. Now it's painfull to drive knowing what could be in it.
For the sanity of men everywhere, Please drop the 5.4L.
Cindy H 10/21/2012
If the Expedition came with Ecoboost, there would be one sitting in my garage right now! We are in the process of looking for a new vehicle, hands down, the Ecoboost Expedition would be #1 choice but we need a new SUV in the next 2 months. Any idea when and if this is going to happen?
Greg 09/29/2012
I am getting over 600 miles on my new F150 with the ecoboost engine
Chris 09/16/2012
As soon as Ford puts the Ecoboost in the Expedition EL, we will be trading in our Tundra longbed pickup.
Dan 08/31/2012
I've been an avid and vocal ford hater since 2004 when i had the very unfortunate experience of owning an F450. After 65000 very long and costly kilometers I very happily sold and moved on, and swore to never own a Ford product, and I have not since even sat in a Ford. Even went to the extent of weeding all Ford vehicles from our fleet of 200. If Ford was to offer a Eco Boost engine option I may actually consider reserving my tainted opinion and give one a try. I may actually go visit a good friend who own's a dealership and ask right now.
Justin 08/20/2012
If ford turned an f150 into an expedition with an ecoboost engine my family of 6 would buy one right away
Keith 07/05/2012
My brother in law just got 512 miles on a tank of gas. I currently drive a 2009 Toyota Sequoia and im lucky if I get 13 mpg on the hwy. They have not gotten any better with the new versions either. It would be nice if Ford came out with an ecoboost version of the Expedition. We have looked at what Chevy and GMC have to offer but the closest is a hybrid but at over $50k. Hurry up and release an Ecoboost Expedition already!!!
Stuart T 06/07/2012
Stu Teeters I retired a year ago and have been waiting -- ever more impatiently -- for Ford to install its new, fuel-efficient & powerful Ecoboost engines in the 2013 Expedition EL. PLEASE FORD -- JUST DO IT!!!
rick 06/02/2012
Drive it nice, and put in a K&N air filter... my 2011 gets 17+ around town (suburbs) and 21+ on the highway (interstates w/no tolls) learn the RPM / MPH range for the six speed transmition and use it to the max to get max fuel economy advantages from an awesome fullsize 4X4 sport utility.
Yuv Kalra 05/15/2012
We are looking into buying a new Ford Expedition. Really love the truck, but would love the new F150 Ecoboost in the 2013 model. Any news if Ford is going to implement that?
SBTexas 03/08/2012
We own a 2007 Expedition EL and are waiting for a refresh and ECO Boost for our next purchase. Extremely happy and looking forward to purchasing another EL.
Andrew E 03/06/2012
yes ford needs to get this done my 99 expedition just recently blew the engine at 200,000 and i dont think it is woth 5,400 for a new engine but i would buy a new one if it had the eco boost
Andrew E 03/06/2012
yes ford needs to get this done my 99 expedition just recently blew the engine at 200,000 and i dont think it is woth 5,400 for a new engine but i would buy a new one if it had the eco boost
B 03/04/2012
The eco-boost in the expedition would be awesome! Some people need a COMFORTABLE people hauler but something that can still pull say a horse trailer! Love fords can't wait to see them hopefully put that sweet eco-boost in the expedition!!
rufino 03/03/2012
I have a 2011 f150 ecoboost and at 55 mph the 3.14 gear ration and the 6 spd. tranny propels me 28 to 30 miles per gallon...every tank I average about 22 mpg next purchase will be the expedition el IF it comes with the 3.5 ecoboost. This will replace my 2003 suburban, so the ball is in your court mr. Ford....I'm sure there are thousands more like me!
Chanda B 02/27/2012
The Expedition would be the perfect vehicle with Ecoboost! I have two growing children and two aging parents. I need a more significant people-hauler than my Explorer. Please, Ford, don't make me become a mini-van mom.
Tam 02/23/2012
Please do not phase out the expedition had poor sales due poor gas mileage....just put the eco boost in it and you will have a winner!!!! Waiting for the eco-boost in the el version for my next SUV....but you need to hurry!
Tam 02/23/2012
Yes, FORD please get a move on the ecoboost in the expedition. I need a new expedition ASAP....but will have to choose a different SUV if they can't compete with improved fuel economy offered by other SUV makers--trouble is I REALLY love my expedition but these gas prices are a killer! I could be your spokesperson for all the reasons to choose Ford over the competitors IF it could offer better fuel economy!!!!!!!!!
John Doe 02/19/2012
Ford - please! Make the new 5,0, 3.5 eco-boost, and 6.2 engines available in the Expedition line. I've owned three Expeditions with the 5.4 and I won't buy another. I'm sure the superior fuel economy and increased towing capacity of the eco-boost V-6 will increase new Expedition and Navigator sales immediately, and take a bite out of GM Suburban / Tahoe & GMC clone sales. Don't think I'll settle for an F150 in the mean time - that won't happen.
Jeff Boyles 02/05/2012
I have a 2011 F150 with the EcoBoost with already 38k miles that i use to pull a 30ft enclosed race trailer and and older 2004 Expedition with 186k miles that i used previous to the new truck. I have wanted a new Expedition for many years, but I will not purchase with the current 3v 5.4L. I have raced Modular powered Mustangs for 10 years, so i am intimately familiar and passionate of these engine, but have been disappointed with the 3v platform for many reasons unsaid. I will make my purchase on day one of this engine option in a new Expy.
GR Dempsey 01/29/2012
We pull a 31' Airstream. We need the Ecoboost turbo to maintain power at altitude (Colorado). The Expedition handles the Airstream very well.
Ric 01/16/2012
I am also a King Ranch 2005 F-150 owner and 2011 F-350 King Ranch owner and wife has 05 Suburban, put me in for 2 Expedition's if they would offer the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost, but Im getting ready to go with new Denalis if they dont hurry. Also they need to offer the natural leather seats like there putting in the New Navigator.
Richard Shull 12/16/2011
I bought a 2012 Explorer because the Expedition did not offer an Ecoboost engine. I would replace my 2002 King Ranch Supercrew with an ecoboost Expedition if it was available. I love everything about my King Ranch except for the gas mileage of the 5.4 V8. My 2011 mustang GT gets much better gas mileage than the King Ranch!
Richard 11/28/2011
I have a Ecoboost in my new 2011 f-150, it gets 22 mpg at 65 miles/hour. if I go 75 miles/hour it gets 17-18. But it has a lot more get up and go power than my old 2010 V8 F-150. Ford would have a vehicle that would compete with a Suburban, and I would buy the Ford. I'm a Suburban (07) owner also.
Chris 11/17/2011
I am waiting to purchase a new Expedition until the Ecoboost engines come out. Our 2004 has almost 200,000 miles on it, but, if gas is going to stay over $3.00/gallon even in winter, we're going to need better fuel economy.
Dave Campbell 11/13/2011
I have a 2008 Expedition EL. I love everything but the gas mileage. I would buy an ecoboost Expedition without hesitation. All vehicles should have the option, including the Mustang.
Brian Langston 10/15/2011
If the expedition with ecoboost could get 22-23 mpg on the highway, I would definitely be looking! My 2000 V8 explorer gets 17-18 hwy and we need better fuel economy. Have looked at pilots, 4runner, explorer, and other mid sized suv's, but if the same mpg #'s could be had out of a full size, you might as well throw in comfort and roomy in there!
rob mcnamara 09/16/2011
Eco-boost with a front bench seat would be ideal
David 09/15/2011
Yes I looked this up hoping for the expedition to have an ecoboost engine in 2012
Ronald Gillingham 09/12/2011
it is September and that new car smell is in the air! So the eternal question comes up.... whats new? Even though everyone I meet at the auto shows across this great nation loves the Expedition... this years question is centered on the exciting new EcoBoost technology making such a splash in the F-150. It seems a natural, but? What do you think? Would you buy an Expedition with an EcoBoost V6?
Ronald Gillingham 09/12/2011
Gotta have it....EcoBoost me baby!
Tyler Smith 07/11/2011
The Expedition is expected to be redesigned for the 2013 model year.
Tyler Dunlap 06/24/2011
I believe the reason for this is that Ford is most likely considering nixing the Expedition from it's lineup. It is rather archaic and I can only see this or some kind of massive redesign in it's future.
Brian Langston 05/23/2011
I too posted on here to see if that would even be an option. From the info that I found, the Expedition is only 800 pounds heavier than the f150. After seeing the Eco-boost infomercial I think it would have no problem with the extra weight. It would be great to see a full size suv get over 20 mpg on the highway.
Thomas Artman 05/20/2011
I made a similar comment in the GREEN section. The 5.0 and 5.4L V8s pale in comparison to the 3.5L EcoBoost. Compared to the 5.4L in the Expedition, it puts out 55 more horses and at least that many more lb-ft of torque. The V6 EcoBoost would be an improvement in performance and efficiency.