Ecoboost in Mustang & Raptor

I think having the Ecoboost in a mustang would be really cool! Just because of the power and performance in the SHO and the F150s it would provide a whole lot of power with good gas mileage. I have had people ask me and said that it would be awesome if they did do it. Also, if there was a way to put it in the F150 Raptor just because the 6.2L V8 has amazing power and performance but if you would to put it in the Raptor you could still have the great performance with better gas mileage. When you see 11 city and 14 hwy on a $45k+ truck it cost more to maintain and with the Ecoboost proving its power and toughness in the Baha 1000 it would make sense.
Marybeth Kiczenski 10/25/2011
As a fan of forced induction, I'd LOVE to see a turbo Mustang again. (Remember the SVO from the 80s!) It can be done again! :)
Kent Hillery 10/23/2011
I would buy a Raptor now if it had the Eco Boost.