ecoboost in ford ka

I live in Europe and here we have a very pretty and economical car - ford ka! Unfortunately, with only one petrol engine, the one taken by fiat, I'm on the point of NOT buying one, which is a shame.. So my idea is that you should put the 1.0 lt ecoboost engine as soon as possible to ford ka!! You'll see later that many buyers were disappointed by the engine and so that was the reason they didn't buy it!! :)
ilias giannopoulos 05/11/2012
i see the ford ka but only one engine i couldnt buy it to slowly and i ask to many people of that and there say its to slowly.the ecoboost its perfect on this car
Ali Shaded 01/24/2012
I absolutely agree. I've got a 2009 Ka Zetec and love it except for the woefully underpowered engine. If I could have a 1 litre engine (less petrol use than my current 1.25l) with the power of a 1.6l engine it would fix the problems completely and I'd buy another Ka straight away. Also - as a side note - I think the suspension on the Ka needs beefing up a bit. I've got alloys and the ride is bumpy! Anyway - looking forward to the 1l ecoboost in a Ka!