ecoboost in a F250

if the 3.5 v6 ecoboost is so durable and powerful (420 ft/lbs torque), then why not put it in a f250 with about a 4.10 rear axle ratio? How would this configuration compare to the 6.2 gas f250 in performance, economy, durability, and price? Also: i prefer a manual transmission (gooseneck trailer). Why is this no longer an option?
Akcajunman 11/15/2012
Waiting for same combination. want as a plow truck. F250/Eco-boost 3.5 V-6. 6speed.
Anthony L 07/09/2012
The second they do, my F150 EB will move up to a F250.
Dez 11/24/2011
YUP im waiting for the ecoboost to come in the f250....The day its offeres i will trade off my dodge and come to the dark side
John Law 11/23/2011
I think the Ecoboost being offered in the F250 would be excellent