ecoboost idea!!!

By Josh W.

I heard the new 5.0 has filled in bungs for ecoboost injectors, and an ecoboost 5.0 is going to just absolutely trash every other performance car on the road. with a factory boost controller (4-10psi) even if it only sports 10psi for so long before dropping to 8 at max for a time until it cools off etc. seriously a 5.0 ecoboost is going to be way fresher than the s/c gt500.
Jason H 02/26/2012
Here is another chance for Ford to be inovated. I like the style of the Ford Flex. I have a large family. I need an 8 passenger. But don't want a big SUV. We also enjoy the outdoors. The tow rating is good for the flex. But could be better. My suggestion is to add another seat and maybe a little more room to the Flex. And use the same motor as the F150 ecoboost. Hike the tow rating to at least 10,000 lbs. Add a really good suspension so there is no sagging. Then I would advertise the new seating and towing. With a camper on the back.
____ It was suggested that I post this here. The big thing is to make this vehicle an 8 passenger and compete with the Honda Pilot. I just bought a new Pilot. Just because of MPG and space. The Flex is a cool car. If it was what I could use. I would of bought one. If would be cool to see livin Lite Camper team up with Ford. I hope to buy a 18 foot toy hauler with a double tip out. But I need some muscle only sometimes.