Eco(boost) Gauge

The F150 is a nice truck with its new engine options. I currently own a 2008 with a 5.4L and am hoping to trade up to the new Ecoboost, But....For the amount of money the truck is why wasn't a boost gauge added? Please Ford add a boost gauge to the ecoboost vehicles.
Nathan 09/10/2012
I completely agree Justin. I currently have a '02 Mustang with a supercharger, and by watching boost levels, I can get much better mpg if I have to. It would just add an extra tool to help you know what is happening and also get the most mpg out of the car by minimizing boost level when you can.
Dave 04/27/2012
There's already a sensor for that (you can get that data with an obd scanner with real time capabilities), so I would think it could be added to the data display with just a software/firmware update... what would be really nice is a configurable instrument cluster. Something that would allow you to configure the display to your tastes. Think Android with the capability to move gauges add widgets (a boost gauge for example).