Ecoboost for the Expedition

So Ford has been putting the Eco Boost in the F-150, Escape, Taurus, and im not sure but i think it was in the works for the Fusion? Now with that being said I'd like to know when we can expect the see the twin turbo V6 Eco Boost in the Expedition? They 5.4 is a great motor but its had its run with expedition. It lacks the fuel mileage and power the a vehicle that large needs to compete. Ford has the best line of SUV's and Pickups hands down, and i know we are putting more foucus on the smaller crossovers and SUV's but I'd really like to see a lighter weight, more flexable Expedition with the newest and to me best motor Ford has to offer. Also please dont only put this motor in the King Ranch or Limited trim levels because someday I'd like to own one and those two are a littile outside my price range :/
Ben B 09/28/2012
It is high time for the EcoBoost to be available in the Expedition EL as an option for those of us who are really interested in better gas mileage & towing power.
Bob Roszell 09/18/2012
I think Ford is smart enough to solve the mileage problem and the power problem. I with a big family and we like to camp, so I would like to see the expedition get much better gas mileage on top of being able to tow. So if we could get thi;s in the mid to upper 20's in gas mileage then be able to tow, you would have a gold mine of the suv market
Eric O 09/09/2012
PLEASE! We already have a wimpy 5.4L, would a wimpy 3.5L really be the next step for the Expedition? I certainly hope not. PLEASE give a 6L option long before you really kill the performance of this vehicle. Now if you want to make an ecoboost version of the 5.4L then I think we would be talking about something that all of us could be happy with!