ecoboost f150 intercooler

ok so i dont have a ecoboost f150 but i would like to get one. my research has shown many complaints on condensation building in the intercooler and causing engine issues. the fix as far as i know is a permenate plate that blocks off the intercooler makes it less efficient and thus no condensation build up. my idea is use the technology you already have on some vehicles like my 13 taurus and put the active shutter grill over the intercoolers. so for 14 model year make a bigger more efficient intercooler then put electronic louvers on it that moniter intake temps and regulate them according to load so that when your cruising for long periods of time you get no condensation and when your ready to pull that 11300 pound load up 4 mile grade you grill opens and you dont get reduced engine power cause you dont have enough airflow through your intercooler. also this may second in saving fuel at highway speeds due to aero aspects.