EcoBoost Expedition

By Jeff S.

A 10k lbs tow capacity SUV for families with travel trailers, which is a fast growing market. Why not explode the EcoBoost success into the large SUV market, where fuel savings is in demand.
Bryan 04/20/2013
I'd love to see the Ecoboost capabilities added to an EL Expedition. I'm in the market for a travel trailer, and my old 2004 Expedition with the 4.6L just can't hack it. Come on Ford, it's time to use some of your new technology to spruce up the capabilities of the Expedition!
James O 04/05/2013
I'm in on an EcoBoost Expedition EL 4x4. Get the mpg up above the 21 mpg the Suburban gets. 18mpg currently is not good enough! Come on, Ford!
JakeandKatie H 03/18/2013
I would love to see an EcoBoost Expedition. Ford has spent a lot of time on the new Explorers and has vastly improved the fuel economy. The Explored is a great vehicle but if you want to go on road trips with any more than 4 people and there is just no room. The Expedition is the next alternative but with 18 MPG's it's hard to justify any sort of road trip.
If Ford does choose to redesign the Expedition I just hope it doesn't come out looking like the Escape... the new escape is a mistake
Brad Y 01/26/2013
A new expedition with an ecoboost would be a great addition to the lineup. Finally coming out with the 1/2 ton diesel would be better. I also have 3 boys and just keep piling the miles on my '03 diesel excursion because there isn't another viable option.
Holly R 01/20/2013
I have a 2003 Expedition. It has been an awesome vehicle, but we are looking to upgrade within a year or so. Would really love to see Ford upgrade and redesign the Expedition so that it is more modern looking like the Explorer. I need the room with 3 growing boys and their friends to haul around! The gas mileage needs to improve; I can't afford to drop $80 to $100 dollars to fill up the tank every week or two. Come on Ford, give me a reason to stick with your vehicles!!
Isaac J 01/02/2013
How about a COMPLETELY NEW Expedition?