EcoBoost 5.0

Ok, so there is a 'pony car' horsepower war going on. FABULOUS!!!...yet again the mustang has to make do with the smallest engine. How about a 5.0 with 'EcoBoost', or perhaps destroke the 6.2 (in the Raptor) down to 5.8? Then give it the GDI/Turbo treatment? PLEASE!!! You guys are bringing the ST Focus, and we have the SHO now...don't stop now...don't fail us yet again. Time to put Government Motors, and Fiat, Ahem...sorry, "Dodge"...Back in their place.
And just in case you are curious, I have a 2005 ZX3, with 198,XXX miles. It still has the factory brakes and power-train. Most reliable car I have ever owned. Thank you.
Troy 01/07/2012
A lot of people are trying to decide between a 5.0 V8 or and Ecoboost 3.5 V6. Ford should alow the customer to have it both ways... An Ecoboost 5.0 for the mustang and F-150.