Ecoboost 3.5

The 3.5 Eco boost engine is revolutionary let it free. 365hp v6 that tops the 5.4 v8 in the expedition sorry but there is something seriously wrong with that picture not to mention Chevrolet's Tahoe with more hp than the 5.4 but less then the 3.5 Ecoboost. I would. also like to see it available in the mustang, we the people want to put that 365 hp v6 to the test in a performance vehicle with a manual trans not a four door with paddle shifters. we are still American paddles do not give us the control that we are a costume to. I would personally prefer the Ecoboost over the 5.0 witch has less gas efficiency and less gas efficiency gives our spouses leverage that they do not, "really" need to influence us.
Nate 07/16/2012
I want to see the ecoboost in the SVT-Raptor!!! And I hate the new ugly bubble, over sized car they call an explorer. Shame, shame.
Adam V 03/19/2012
Yes, ECOBOOST in the Expedition!!! PLEASE!
Jeremy McAuliff 01/31/2012
I would love to see a 3.5 Ecoboost as an option for the Explorer. The extra horsepower, and torque lower in the RPM range would make it a nice tow rig if the rating was increased to around 6,000 pounds. I don't want or need a fullsize pickup but the current Explorer's 5,000 pound tow rating is just about maxed out with my 22 foot boat.
Chuck Hashim 01/27/2012
Plus 1 for the 3.5 Eco-Boost Explorer. With the Direct Cylinder Injection and the right gearing, the MPG should be very close to the Standard 3.5 Engine. I was also pondering that new 7 Speed ZF Front Wheel Drive Automatic. I don't know if it's rated for the weight of the Explorer. On second thought, the 6 Speed should be fine for this application.
Greg Bender 01/26/2012
I think the Eco-Boost should be available in the regular cab F-150. How can you not allow the most economical motor to be available in the lightest ,most economical model. I want a reg cab FX-2 with the Eco- boost and will wait till I find one. Been driving F series Ford Pickups since 79 so I know what I want. The order process is too pre packaged and is getting harder to justify the ever increasing prices when I can't get what I want.
Gary's right, I intend to buy an Explorer but will wait until the eco boost is available in the V/6. I's sure there are many other Explorer buyers who are thinking the same way... get it done......nbose
Ken Wenzel 01/25/2012
3.5 would be nice in the EDGE!
Gary Osborne 01/24/2012
I agree, put the 3.5 eco boost in the explorer and the expedition and let us tow something with it. A full size truck does not work for everyone. If the eco boost is all Ford says it is (and I believe it is) then set it free and let the consumer decide which engine is best for them.