Eco Boost Raptor!

By Carl W.

The Ecoboost V6 is a powerhouse. Capable of far more than 365HP.
Keep the agility toughness, suspension and general appearence of the Raptor with a lighter faster engine. It would be sport truck for the higher gas prices that still offers some entertainment value!
Zach W 03/20/2013
I want a eco boost raptor!!!
Johnny N 09/01/2012
If only they could manage gas mileage similar to the amazing Explorers.
Jordan M 08/29/2012
If anything, the new 5.8 would be a good choice. I wouldn't by a Raptor for good fuel economy. Also, maybe they could have the option for the Eco Boost or 5.8? The 5.8 also gets 24 MPG in the GT500 so you could possibly see 20 in a truck.