Eco Boost Rapter

I would like to see Ford make a eco boost rapter since it performed so well in the baja 500. Let the public own a rapter with good mileage and performance.
June H 04/07/2012
Let us also not forget that the Raptor is a very specialized niche vehicle. This is a vehicle that would potentially engage in some insane offroading which might include deep water crossing. You do NOT want a turbocharged vehicle if you plan on submerging a good part of the vehicle in cold water. Hot turbos being submerged in cold water would be very very bad.
art h 03/05/2012
With the big tires that come on the Raptor you need the big motor to turn those suckers. I have the Taurus SHO and it has lots of power but if you put the ecoboost in the Raptor it needs to go on a V8
Dale C 03/03/2012
I think simply put, if anyone wants good mileage the RAPTOR is not for them. There's plenty of other options out there. An eco boost Raptor would give it a wimpy image. Leave it alone.