eco boost

By Doug S.

Eco Boost should be in every ford truck, stx and f250. best motor, best power, best millage. not to offer this motor in all trucks dont make sence.
Dave R 12/11/2013
in 2015 I am upgrading my EcoBoost. Ford better have something to comepete with the GM 6.2, or I will have to settle with the GM. I wont buy a 3rd diesel from any mfr again, so I am holding our for the strong gas powerplant at this point 
E. Patterson 06/26/2013
The increased sensitivity of the diesel HPFP to less than good grade fuel vs over previous generation diesels makes the idea of a work truck with a turboed direct inject work engine an attractive option, especially if the fuel economy would be within 10-15% of the 6.7 diesel engine and at least 60-70 % of the diesel's torque!
Dan C 06/22/2013
I'm waiting for a turbo gas for heavy duty trucks. I've enjoyed diesels for over a million miles. My last two diesels have been a pain with the new emissions laws. Give me 15 mpg and 600 ft lbs of torque and I will be in a gas motor.