early Bronco

EARLY BRONCO bring it back I was just forced to buy a 2013 jeep because Ford forced the ball. How many other loyal Ford owners did the same? I have several 66-77 Broncos but would love a new one,that said your "04" concept wasn't bad except its gotta have the humped up front fenders,SOLID AXLE is a must,V8 option, completely removable hard top, hose out interior base model,keep it basic and affordable and cut jeep sales in half. If you build it put me down for 2. quit talking about it and do it
Kedric M 01/19/2013
No frills, big, bold, blocky. Lots of power, v-8 and diesel options. Removable roof and doors. Ford, you guys HAVE to see all this traffic and know the market is there. I and many others have been begging for the return of the Bronco. A little feedback would be awesome! Either let us know something is developing or else tell us "Sorry, not going to happen."