E85/flex fuel

I bought a new Focus when I found out the computer was programmed to be flex fuel on the later 2012 models. I am an ethanol advocate and would like to see all models flex fuel, high compression ratio engines to take advantage of the high octane rating of the higher ethanol blends %'s. I know there is testing going on that shows E30 is a very good fuel with 100 octane characteristics and very good emission results.
Thanks for your consideration
Matthew P 05/01/2012
E85 is pretty widespread nowadays especially in the midwest so I don't see why they can't have more of their lineup be flex-fuel vehicles. Imagine if they had a flex-fuel Eco-boost Ti-VCT plug-in hybrid! That would be the ultimate in efficiency and cost savings. With it running on E85 whenever possible that would be saving the consumer money and still be able to use regular gasoline when you can't get Ethanol.
J 04/29/2012
My friend has a flex fuel Escape. I wish I could buy E-85 on my Focus. My friend only loses 1-2 MPG using E-85 and the price is so much cheaper right now.