duel fuel nat gas small tank

By C B.

A plug in hybrid can reduce fuel costs immensely by substituting electricity for the first 20 or 40 miles of travel.

Similarly, using natural gas for the first 20, 40, 60 miles with a smaller lower pressure natural gas fuel tank filleable at home would for the first xx miles  reduce the cost of driving and fueling a nice powerful truck or car to work each day.  and also make any major safety concerns disappear.

secondary, maybe compatible idea ... 1/2 inch copper pipe has nearly 2500 psi rating, far far higher than 3/4 inch pipe with the same wall...I'm sure it has something to do with the tighter curve in the pipe wall. making tanks out of a bundle of pipes might allow for more near frame installations.
art h 04/30/2014
Having a car run on electricity for 20 miles sounds fine but the cost of generating electricity doesn't erace the cost of fuel. Look at your electric bill and compair it to gas. Sa for a lng. car its been done before and it didnt catch on