Duel Exhaust

I grew up in the 60's and 70's when duel exhaust and glass paks were the best as far as performance, sound and especially looks. I love driving behind a car that has duel exhaust, and the large tailpipes. Not the little round ones liike the ones on most ford's. If I were a designer at Ford, I would put them on every car even if they were fake ones, just for the look. I think it would sell cars, especially to the baby boomers, we LOVE the look.
Phil L 05/15/2014
I agree.  The duels on the edge look nice and on the 2L fusion but I would like a non turbo fusion with duel exhaust.  Something this simple could prevent me from buying a new fusion
Ken Keith 02/15/2012
I tend to agree, my 08 Mustang with V-6 should have had functioning dual exhaust all the way back instead of dual cats and then combining the exhaust to a single pipe just ahead of the rear axle
Anthony Lombardy 01/30/2012
True dual exhaust or nothing.