Dual's on F150's

I can not believe that someone hasn't put the idea about putting factory dual exhaust on F150 trucks before now. Dodge beat Ford to the punch by putting duals on their truck. With the new 5.0 engine in the F150's it seems like a natural to have duals on it. I have a 2003 F150 that I had aftermarket cat back duals put on. I hated to cut that new factory exhaust off but wanted to the hear the sound of those Flowmaster's. My idea is to offer as an option a dual factory exhaust option, preferably Flowmasters on the FX2 model and above. Is there anyone else out there that would like to have this option ?????
Dual factory Flowmaster exhausts would be Great.
stewart cole 01/01/2012
like on my mkx
stewart cole 01/01/2012
good idea about time.