Dually Farm & Fleet

Roads allow up to 8'6" in width, which an HD Dually uses up without adding any usable space or utility. Build the TRUCK GM should have done as the H2. Rear tires in line like the old military Deuce & 1/2. But steerable rear wheels, powered by hydraulic feed from the front wheel drive diesel. No rear axles. Mounted to the frame. Which allows a rear box mounted low down between the wheels, allowing a ramp tailgate to give trailer-like functionality. Just walk or drive on and off, with a wheelbarrow, power equipment, etc. Usable box width of about 75", x 125" long if using the rear seat space (aka Avalanche). Hydraulically raisable to allow ground clearance - or lowerable with stabilizing anchors for bed mounted equipment platforms. Truck Cab then wide enough for 3 buckets, rear seat sleeper berth, or 37 dirty rodeo clowns and 1 Mike Rowe. This would easily be a 75k work truck, but justifiable for a business using the added functionality. Probably would dominate the Farm, Ranch, and construction markets, and pull up F350 and convert Chevy/Dodge users. High end luxury utility vehicle sales to sportsmen and hobby farmers. Off road capability and indestructibility are givens of course.
Phylis D 05/10/2013
Great idea and make it a diesel hybrid so it does not take a tanker to keep it running....