Dual Control of Defrost.

This idea is in conection with my previous idea of the 2 defrosting vents instead of the one it now has.

With 2 vents it would be easier to use a 2 blower system to better control the Temp and the Atmosphere while defrosting the windows. The 2-blower system would be controlled more efficiently with dual controls but the single Blower system could be used with the single control system or the dual Control System. By using the dual control system it could make it better for the Passengers to control the Passenger side of the Compartment for comfort reasons. The idea allows for the use of dual Blowers 1 for each side or a single for both sides either way it will allow for the System to work more effeciant

Thanks again for allowing me this oppertunity.
Casey McDonald II
Krista D 12/04/2012
I agree, it is horrible to have to sit in a hot car jsut so you can see out hte window. In th summer you need th air on for comfort but when it rains you need the hot air on the windshield to see and in the winter you need the heat on low some times but the defroster on hig to see. It makes for a horrible trip. So you have to pick see or be comfortable.