don't make me buy a dodge

Ram just announced that they are making the Ram 1500 with a diesel I have never like Dodge or Ram trucks. But with the new Ram coming with a Diesel unless the f150 gets a new 5 cyl diesel looks like I am going to have to go Ram. And I have always been a die hard Ford guy own 1993 Lightning with 27000 miles and 2006 F150 supercrew along with several other ford cars and suv's. Its time for a half ton diesel and also Diesel Navigator and Expedition. Ford don't make me go Ram.
John C 12/14/2013
Small V8 diesel based on Mazda skyactive technology would fit between Ram and future Nissan diesels, and outperform both with potentially better mileage than the Ram.
Marty C 02/24/2013
Seems like the 3.2-liter I5 Power Stroke diesel engine from the 2014 Transit would be a perfect choice!