Don't kill the Ford Ranger give it a new Drivetrain!

By Ben P.

Instead of pulling out of the compact truck market, put one of the new eco boost V6 and 4cylinder in the ranger. The truck isnt outdated itself it just needs a new drivetrain, other details can be fussed over later such as cosmetics and luxery items etc.
Please Bring the new Ranger from China, UK, Europe and Australia and don't forget the powertrain.
Comment on this IDEA!
There is a lot of positive in all the new products but there also a lot that is forgotten on the needs of loyal customer like me that needs a vehicle to tow a 7000 trailer.
All the new powertrain is fine but why not having a decent diesel engine in a Heavy Duty Expedition, I have no use for a PickUp? Also on the car side Why do we have to buy German Cars the have a diesel engine when the product that is brought from Europe has all kinds of diesel options like the Focus up to the Mondeo. Why penalize the American Owners of this premium technology?
I've had a Ford Car in my driveway for over 50 years and I'm forced to looks at the German(VW, Audi, BMW,Mercedes) offerings to get the powertrain that I prefer when I know that Ford offers it in Europe.It's simply disappointing.
Ed Irelan 07/09/2010
I think an EcoBoost 4cyl or the new 3.5L or 3.7L Ti-VCT engines would do nicely.
Pete S. 07/03/2010
I could not agree more.I am currently working with ine of the local Ford dealers on a 2011 Ranger 4x4,having owned several Rangers for 20+ years and the F-150 is just to big for what I need.
Ben P 06/29/2010
I agree with you Mark S. I own a 99 Ford Ranger 4x4 and it meets all my needs. I just wish it had a little more power. I dont want to buy a full size and while fords F series are no doubt the best its just to much truck for what I use my truck for. I need a daily comuter that I can take off road when needed and throw a quad or grill etc. in the back from time to time and/or do some mild towing with. If the Ranger is killed off Im not sure what I'll buy next def not a chevy, dodge or toyota. I rather walk.
Mark S 06/25/2010
Ditching the Ranger would be a terrible thing! I grew up riding in Rangers! You have no idea how negatively my childhood would have been affected if my dad owned an S10. Instead of camping, fishing, and hauling our four wheelers, we would have had to stay home because we wouldn't have a truck that would make it! F Series trucks are by far the best trucks ever made, and you should talk to guys that rely on small pick ups to do big jobs. They shouldn't have to be stuck with a marginal truck. Thats not fair. Big or small, it has to be BUILT FORD TOUGH, or it just won't cut it! Maybe a face lift, a few new options, like four full doors like a mini Supercrew, and maybe a 4.6L option.