Direct Injection Option on all Models

The Direct Injection gas engines are great. The horsepower and torque numbers put out with those engines as well as the fuel economy make direct injection a dream come true. But the Ranger, Focus, F150, Escape, Explorer, and Expedition should all have it too. They are great option engines and can offer real power without having to use huge V8 engines. A 4.4 liter V6 direct injection engine would be a great engine for the F150 and Expedition. It should offer roughly 330 horsepower and 380 lb ft of torque, from a V6 and getting much better mileage than the 5.4 V8. The Escape can get the 3.5 Liter EcoBoost, and the Focus and Ranger could get a 2 Liter Direct Injection which would offer great power and fuel efficiency for both models.
DCAshmore 05/27/2010
Why make it optional. Make it standard for all FORD engines.