diesel's back in an SUV

By Paul F.

Ford needs to bring back a diesel option into a SUV platform to compete with other manufactures. The Excursion comes to mind, I am planning on getting another SUV to replace my Expedition and would prefer to buy a new vehicle, but without a diesel in a new SUV, I will be buying used.
It really isn't hard to put a smaller diesel powerplant in to even the current Expedition. minor effort but big returned from Ford fans.
natalie m 12/29/2012
I too am looking at buying a diesel for my next car. Diesel's get great gas mileage and emit less CO2 than traditional gas engines. Please add diesel SUVs to your line up. I love what Ford has done over the last number of years to really improve their cars, and I would love to buy a Ford for my next car, but I will probably go with a VW Taureg or the Audi Q7 because of their diesel option.