Diesel Ranger

Hi, My idea to you guys is to take your ford Ranger, beef up the suspension and drop drop in a small diesel 4cyl engine with a 6 speed tranny. Call it the "Power Ranger". give the truck some good torque and fuel ecconomy like the vw tdi's
Peter N 11/09/2010
Thanks guys I thought I was alone with this idea. Not only is the fuel ecconomy important but also having a smaller truck that can run with the big boys and do the jobs that usually require a 1/2 ton. I had a ranger(mazda) 3.0, I loved it, perfect size only problem is when i got my boat (17' lund fishing machine) It couldnt pull it properly..kept switching gears for higher rpms on level ground...I ended up with a new sierra truck. Another thing that would be good is that there is still a huge market for people who want trucks and that diesel sound and feel.
milkovich 07/13/2010
It'd be great for survivalist nutjobs like myself (the 4x4). I wish Jeep would build a diesel Wrangler, but since this opportunity exists, ford should take advantage of it.
Ronjon Sircar 06/27/2010
I think a more appropriate name would be to revive the Maverick nameplate last used in 1977, the name suits a rugged little truck or better yet if Ford Motor Company wants to market a midsized truck in the Chevy Canyon/Dodge Dakota market use the Maverick name for that

a turbo diesel is a great idea or a ecoboost 4 and 6 cly version for the Ranger and turbo diesel or small displacement direct injection V8 for the mid sized truck
Don 06/18/2010
I agree. I would buy this. Currently this is a hole in the market right now that I feel could be capitalized on. With everyone looking for better mileage a 2.0 diesel would be a great option for excellet mileage
H Smith 06/18/2010
It appears that a properly geared 2.0 turbo diesel might be adequate in this application with the potential of well over 30, maybe 35, mpg(US) combined.