Diesel Ranger

By Karl R.

I was looking at small/midsize trucks and ran across your Global Ranger. Reading up on it this is the exact truck that I have been looking for for years. I have wanted a diesel compact truck and have been very disappointed that none are offered in the States. If you brought this Ranger to the States I would sell my current truck and buy one. It sounds like you wouldn't have any trouble with government regulations. "Baumbick says the Ranger has been built to comply with the toughest safety and government standards -- including those in North America. There is no reason it couldn't be sold in North America, other than Ford's unwillingness to do so."

The F-150 is not a truck that I would consider but I would buy a Global Ranger in a heart beat. Please Ford bring the perfect compact truck to the States.
Steven W 04/16/2013
X 1,000,000 This is a no-brainer and should have been done a long time ago. This would be perfect for the consumer, but the big whigs at Ford probably won't do it because it may draw buyers from the F-150. There is a long streak of being the best-selling pick-up to defend afterall.
Justin L 11/12/2012
I have seen the 2013 "Global" Ranger Diesel, it is completely foolish for Ford not to bring this to the US market. It suits my needs perfectly, I do not want an F-150, too big. This Ranger Diesel in Europe is reporting near 30 mpg Hwy, with all that torque. What more perfect off road/trekking machine? Even Latin America is getting this. Bring it to the US!
I would Order today if it were available.
John S 10/28/2012
Come on Ford, bring back smaller trucks. If I can't work out of the back of it, I'm not buying it.
John E 10/16/2012
Agreed...Diesel Ranger with manual tranny would be perfect. I'd buy one right now. Won't even consider F150, it's too big for what I need.
Nathan R 10/04/2012
Anybody notice that none of the diesel ideas don't have a popularity bar...
Colin S 09/26/2012
I would MUCH rather have the Golbal Ranger (Diesel) than an F-150. The new Ranger does everything I need and gets great mileage. I'll smuggle one in from Mexico if I have to.
TL 09/22/2012
It doesn't even make sense not to offer a small diesel!
Luke C 09/18/2012
A manual transmission, turbo diesel compact pickup would be in my garage in a heartbeat if it was ever offered. Who better than ford to be the first to bring it to the U.S.? The first company to introduce one to the U.S. is going to be bringing in some serious profit.
Patrick C 09/14/2012
I really hope Ford saw the survey of Ranger owners which showed that 50% of previous owners were deserting Ford and going to the competition like Toyota for a new compact truck. Ford believed that the Ranger owners would simply upgrade to the F-150 for their next purchase but that has proven wrong. Many drivers do not need or want the amount of truck that the F-150 represents, but they still want a truck so they are buying a Tacoma instead of a possible global Ranger in the US.
Jesse F 09/13/2012
I don't even like trucks, but I am looking for something more versatile in my next car and a 4wd diesel World Ranger would be very nice indeed.
Myron S 09/12/2012
So true, i dont want a big truck to tow my boat yet my gas ranger struggles a bit, we're talking more power and better fuel economy then gas. I for one would buy one tomorrow if they were available