diesel in f150 and focus and fusion

I think that if Ford came out with a 3.5 litter turbocharged v6 for the f150 it would be a hit, because it packs both performance and gas milage.. Also if they came out with a 2.0 litter turbocharged i4 like Volkswagen's and Audi 's TDI or turbo direct injection you would get great gas gas milage and performance and would be a hit. I know people that get 44mpg in the city and it's not a hybrid.
John C 12/14/2013
William L has it right.  Shyactiv technology has unique advantages that would be unfair to Fords competitors - which is exactly why Ford should use it!
greg M 10/30/2013
Here is the problem I see is that they have a perfectly good diesel that can get an awesome top speed and great performace all round in Europe.  They just need to dedicate some effort to getting a proper Urea system working to meet the new E.P.A. standards.  
William L 05/18/2013
License the Skyactiv-D tech from Mazda.
John P 05/10/2013
Not sure of emmisions, but would love a FTD (Ford Turbo Diesel) in a light truck or car.