Diesel Hybrid Eco-Boost Engine

We Americans need a vehicle that offers high towing capabilities with great fuel efficiency! Diesel engines offer better towing capabilities due to increased torque while also offering great mpg! The Eco-Boost will increase both Horse-Power & mpg! Now the Hybrid we know increase mpg in City, but by pushing the Hybrid Engine to stop running at 20mph you will increase City mpg! Offer the Diesel Eco-Boost Hybrid with a 4 Cylinder 2 litre Engine, a 6 Cylinder 3 litre Engine and an 8 Cylinder 4 litre Engine! Offer in following Models: Mustangs, Escapes, Taurus, Edge, Lincoln mkz & Lincoln mkx!
Mark 02/21/2014
love the idea of an ecoboost diesel hybrid & an ecoboost hybrid.