Diesel Expedition

By Brad Y.

finish up the 1/2 ton diesel engines, which were so highly talked about, and put it in the Expedition.
Bay S 11/19/2012
Agree, if competitors can build large SUV that gets 20 city and 30 HyWy with diesel, Ford should too. If Ford can design a V6 diesel around the 6.7L, it would be a 5L V6 with 600 lbs-ft, 300 hp!
Ivan N 10/28/2012
Nice idea but the expedition needs a full redesign NOW
Michael F 10/20/2012
And the F150. Bring on the diesels! Now, if they would only bring the price of diesel back down to where it should be (cheaper than gas)instead of artificially inflating it so that everything costs more.