Diesel Excursion

By Brad Y.

Please bring back the Excursion in diesel. I have an '03 with 250k and love it. I get great gas mileage (average 18mpg combined) and can carry 8 people (and they can actually bring stuff). It's great because we have 3 boys so they can each bring a friend. The only thing I would replace it with is another large diesel suv but there aren't any. It wouldn't require much since it is essentially an F250. Please bring it back and soon!
Jason B 12/03/2012
I LOVE my Excursion! I will never get rid of it unless Ford Re-introduced it to the Ford family. I would buy one in a heart beat!
Rod Jackson 10/29/2012
What a great idea, i would love to see the 6.7 powerstroke in a 9 passenger SUV. I would buy in a heartbeat.
Michael E Collins 10/20/2012
bring it back and watch how many you sell.all the dealers want them,got a new escape my wife wanted she dont drive it, drives an old 2004 excursion with 267000 miles on it bring it back.
Michael F 10/20/2012
I would love to see the return of the Excursion as well, specifically with a diesel engine. My wife would love to have one! Her F150 Supercrew just doesn't have the interior room she needs. Plus, the diesel has way more power and better fuel economy.