Diesel DIESEL D I E S E L !!!

Doing several trips to Europe a year Im amazed at seeing American cars with diesels. Everything has a diesel option and usually more diesels than petro (lol) engine choises. Haven driven a 335d I was amazed at the torque and fuel economy was also good. I would so buy a smaller car with a diesel for great gas mileage. Its said that by 2012, gas will be $5 a gallon. Im not a fan of the VW tdi models (or VW for that matter) or the A3, but diesel choices in cars is limited. Europe does it and their pollution restrictions are more strict. 83-85 Tempo/Escort diesel? Mark VII diesel.. They are clean, fast and efficient. Show America what GM couldnt
Matthew K 09/10/2012
My dad had a 1984 Escort diesel and it got 50 miles to the gallon. Modern hybrids don't hit that. We could really show it to the Japanese hybrid crowd if we just moderned-up the appearance of the '84 and sold it. Ford could boast about their 50 mile per gallon non-hybrid car, put it up against a new toyota hybrid and slaughter them without any hybrid assist at all.
Dirk Van Der Kroon 03/24/2011
Get on Ford.co.uk and see the mazing variations of Transits that Ford already build and also take a look at those perfomance and fuel economy figures!
I have driven European Diesels all my life, and we cant get them here. Ford say its about US emissions law, but its not. If Ford can build and produce Diesels in Europe why cant we have them here?
In Europe they are so clean, quiet and efficient that owners get GREEN tax breaks on them. Have you ever sat behind an American produced diesel! And THAT passes US emissions?!!! Give us Diesel Engines FORD!
Dallas Smith Smith 01/15/2011
and plus they last forever!!!
Matt Sahd 01/14/2011
I agree! the Ecoboost is a good engine but I am sure modern diesels would do much better!
Robert Hollar 01/13/2011
the duratorq its a beautiful engine I'm really surprised its not over here powering our cars. Would love to see it here.