diesel choices

Trucks and diesels just go together. F150 should have a diesel, not a toy but a real engine, I am talking 275 to 350hp and 450 to 550 ft lbs.
Maybe I am a diesel freak but only need a F150, I am sure if Ford offered a diesel in the 150  they could probably shelf all their gas engines. . A prime example is Dodge, I venture to say if Cummins did not exist neither would Dodge trucks. Why won't Ford offer respectable diesel in the 150? I hate to think of the demand for that. Think about a 150 that could tow your tow without you having to buy a 250 or 350 to tow with and get your brains beat out the rest of the year. I believe this move would assure the 150's first place in sales for another 30 t0 35 years.
John C 03/24/2014
A promising alternative is to offer a 4.4 liter V-8 version of Mazda's Skyactive 2.2 liter inline 4 (173 horsepower and 310 ft-lbs).  Imagine that multiplied in a V-8.  Plus it doesn't use D.E.F. (diesel exhaust fluid).  That alone would save a couple hundred pounds.  And with lower pressures and temperatures than most diesels Ford can use aluminum block for lowest weight or compacted graphite iron for compact size.  It would have a reasonable cost adder. 
Colby S 02/19/2014
Diesel option on the F-150! I like that idea! As long as it isn't standard because I can't honestly wait for all my trucks to warm up the block.