Since Grand Cherokee is getting a Diesel, Think it is time to put the 5 cyl powerstroke in the F150, Expedition and Naviagator, So I don't have to buy a Jeep to get the economy of a diesel.
John C 12/14/2013
A small V8 diesel based on Mazda Skyactive technology could be a game changer, taking diesel customers from both Ram and future Nissan diesels.
Joseph D 01/23/2013
I think a smaller diesel like a 5.0 power stroke for the Expedition F150 with a 350 hp rating would be super. and 20 to 25 MPG. that would knock GM, DODGE,TOYOTA on there ear.
Bob B 01/16/2013
Great Idea! I've been hoping for this for years. I've spent a lot of time overseas and everywhere else you go the world over you will find diesels to be much more prominent. I am getting ready to go back overseas for a 3 year contract and when I come back I would love to get an F-150 with a Diesel and a SUV for my wife with a diesel.