If you intrduced the Fiesta and Focus with a 1.6 and 2.0 L DIESEL aggregate you would be ahaed of the competition by miles and coustomers woud thank you.
This message is especially for Mrs. Dianne Craig in Oakville ON,Canada.

George Koehler
Justin L 11/12/2012
We're not ready for that technology yet, because Standard Oil says so... I've been ready for many years, and Powerstrokes outsell gas engines 2:1 or more in F-250 and F-350. Dodge sell 4:1 with Cummins, but that's because it's the only attribute of a Dodge truck. The Rockefellers make less money if we were to buy diesels like in Europe. They would have to refit the refineries for Diesel vs. gasoline and they would sell 25-40% less total volume... that's why we're not ready for that technology... I would buy the 2013 Ranger with 3.2l TDCI today if I could get it.
Ronnie G 10/27/2012
Our local ford dealer says we are not ready for that technology yet. I just to want to ask why not.it would save me over $200 a month on gas to and from work.