Defrosting the Front Windshield

The Defrosting vent is located on the backside of the Dash, the length about 1/3rd of the Dash, centered below the Front Windshield. My idea is to create 2 discharge vents, instead of the single vent, 2 vents centered on each side of the Front Windshield 1 in front of the Driver and 1 on the Passenger side and that would speed up the process of defrosting the Front Windshield. The one long vent used now tends to defrost the windshield from the center out wards, but my idea would defrost the windshield from the center of each side to the center and then would create a better access to the side windows on the doors and would make defrosting the rear windshield quicker.

I hope you understand what I am conveying to you with my idea. Thanks for allowing me this chance to weigh in on the development end of the Vehicles.

Casey McDonald II