Deff-lock or Crawling system

By Saud A.

Ford expedition is an excellent off-road car, it lacks technological aspects that needs to gain Ford attention. The Deff-lock system, the crawling system that we usually find in Toyota GXR and VXR is mandatory to get the car off in case it stuck real bad in the desert.
I am not familiar with the formalities of including such system and I don't know if this technology is patent to Japan and Toyota but what I do know is nothing impossible for Ford motor company. ford has been manufacturing cars since 1910 (ford Model T).
Abdullah A 06/08/2014
Great idea for a car like this.
Ahmed A 01/06/2014
Very importantI hope interest in him
Saud A 08/31/2013
We need from Ford to include the Electronic Locking Differential in The upcoming Ford expedition. 
Saud A 08/11/2013
Thanks for the comments guys I am sure the big historical Ford will do it Ooh my god can not wait
faisal A 07/24/2013
Luck Lord, we hope so
Ali A 07/14/2013
We hope that circulate this idea to the company Witt handled diligently to it worthy of the car by the workers and more
turki s 07/03/2013
System deff lock needy such as heavy delirious car
SALEH A 07/03/2013
From my point of view this system as important as delirious car honored history and ÇŃĚćÇ the implementation of this simple demand for the great company Alford ancient history
Saud A 05/31/2013
That's Excellent comment avery,
Thank you for correcting me.
Saud A 05/31/2013
Deff-Lock and/OR crawling system has become a safety aspect in deserts, this needs to become a standard practice of 4X4 cars.
avery c 05/30/2013
ford has been producing since 1902. the first car from ford wasnt the model T it was the model A. and even before that in the early 1800s henry ford produced the quadracycle.