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Please make avalible the same options on the convertible mustang as you do on the coupe. I would love to have a convertible with the trac pac option. BUT dearler said I can't get that WHY??? PLEASE!!!!!
William B 08/03/2012
What do they do to the shelby?? I understand that the platform is weakened somewhat but the shelby convertible is handling the hp and performance inprovements, There should still be a option for axles ratios and cooling, brakes, to give improved performace.
Mortimer D 07/29/2012
Because, without the additional structural rigidity a roof adds, the chassis simply can't withstand the same kinds of torsional forces required to retain its handling characteristics. Even with nearly 200lbs of performance-robbing structural reinforcements, convertible suspensions are softer than coupe equivalents for vehicles like 2012 GT500 with or without the SVT Performance Package.

Recent years' versions of Mustang convertible have never been better. But they still can't overcome the structural and engineering deficits of chopping-off a roof and expecting the floor pan alone to withstand holding front and rear together.