Cummins diesel for F150 and Super Duty. Both with Allison transmissions

By Tim G.

Cummins is a really trusted brand and has been around for a while. Allison transmissions are also just as trusted as the cummins. Both powertrains find themselves in fire apparatuses and other good sized trucks. Offer the Cummins diesels both in the F150 and Super Duty trucks with the Allison transmissions. The 6.7 Cummins as 385HP and 850ib foot of torque. With offering the Cummins diesels, it will increase the capacity of the trucks and they'll be more reliable. The fuel efficiency should go up as well. The 5.0 Cummins as I 300HP and a torque rating in the mid 500's. Offer these powertrains in the F series trucks. 
Jason S 08/18/2014
An inline 6 cylinder design like the 5.9 cummins will almost always be more reliable than a v8 diesel because there are fewer moving parts.  Ford can put all the technology they want on a v8 diesel engine, but that will not save it from the physical reality that an inline design is simpler, more reliable,  more balanced, and easier to maintain than any junky v8 diesel.  Tractor and other heavy equipment manufacturers figured this out decades ago--why ford still insists on v8 diesel design is beyond me.  Maybe they want to make more money servicing junked out v8 diesels down the line.   
John C 03/24/2014
The current in-house engineered and built 2015 Ford 6.7 diesel is class-leading in every respect (reliability will take some time to prove - looks to be a possible strong suit so far).  Too big for the 1/2 ton F-150.  Develop Mazda's 2.2 liter inline 4 (173 HP and 310 ft-lbs) into a 4.4 liter V8.  It doesn't use D.E.F (diesel exhaust fluid) so that saves costs and maybe a couple hundred pounds.  Only way to leapfrog competition is to use new technology. 
Charles W 02/09/2014
Half ton frames are not designed for high levels of torque. If you want a diesel you need at least a 3/4 or 1 ton frame chassis.
Tim G 02/06/2014
Exactly. People who want the power and efficiency of a diesel will not have to go to a Super Duty which they may not need. The people who tow will benefit from the power and torque and will work the engine like you need to with a diesel. For people who just use it as a daily driver should stick with the 5.0
amaury g 02/06/2014
I think a smaller displacement diesel with to 250HP or more and over 410lb/ft torque will be a great engine for the F-150.