cubic inch displacement badging instead of the metric stuff

Please, please, please, bring back the V. 8. cubic inch displacement for at least the Mustang models and get rid of that crappy metric one. I've been a loyal Ford fan since the early 60's and was very saddened when the cubic inch displacement badging or designation was replaced with the metric stuff. Are the Mustang and other muscle cars not Amerincan icons? How in the world could you let Europe influence you in that respect? Come on guys, give the Mustang what it truely deserves, a real American designation. I think it would be a great selling point.By the way, where are hondas, toyotas, and the rest of the rice burners "muscle cars"? Have a great day.
Brian B 01/07/2014
I respectfully disagree.  We are now in an era where the 2.0L (122 cubic inch) Ecoboost is putting out more power than the 302s in the old days.

I'd rather take the efficiency of the 2.0L Ecoboost and be proud of that engine, designed in today's metric era, than harken back to the days of rumbling muscle cars with anemic power.

Never forget that the Focus ST is a hair quicker 0-60mph than the "Smoky and the Bandit" Trans Am!  The Trans Am was rocking a 347CI engine to the Focus's 122CI.