CTS-V wagon/Charger wagon Fighter

With sport wagons coming from GM and Chrysler, Ford is missing out. Ford may already have the parts to get in on the sport wagons with its own entry. Ford could use the front end, power train, and suspension of a Mustang with the rear passenger row and cargo space of the Edge. The car could come in a variety of trims from using parts of the V6 Mustang up to the GT500.
Austin W 11/08/2012
It could have a twin turbo 5.0 and be called the SVT ecoBOOOOST!!!
John C 11/01/2012
Couldn't wait! Bot a '05 Mazda6 MT wagon. Would've preferred a '14 Mazda6 or Fusion wagon - preferrably in Diesel! Don't like/need trucks. Wish I understood why One Fords are not interchangable - and a few wagons/hatchbacks (Mondeo) could be imported, like Audis, BMWs et all.