crown Victoria's return

bring back the crown victoria. enough said.
Chris 07/06/2014
Would love to see it.  My Grand Marquis is one of the best, most reliable cars ever!  Still, doubt they can ever match the iron-clad package that came on those cars.  
Cody R 11/02/2012
I couldn't say it any better!
James 08/18/2012
About a year has passed since the last Crown Vic rolled off the line. Sadly, I can say that if I ever buy a new car, it will be a Chevy. Well done Ford, you have lost my support.
Bader A 07/14/2012
If it is not possible to bring back crown victoria, then bring back any car having exactly similar width or you will lose 10's of 1000's of your customers.
Allan C 07/03/2012
I agree bring it back!!! Or a retro 72' Grand Torino Sport 2dr and a Grand Torino 4 dr. ordo a retro of a 64 or 65 Gallaxy 500.
ryan s 06/22/2012
I love that car, and I am ashamed to see it go, and then to have it replaced by these tiny abominations from Ford Europe. It was the last truly full sized car in north america, and it got axed. Imagine what could be done to improve economy with the modernization and refinement of the internals. keep the externals relatively the same, and for God's sake, don't make the trunk tiny like every other "full size"!