Crown Victoria comeback

It is my opinion that a redesigned Crown Victoria would be well recieved and has countless possibilities. Its been most popular with Police departments and taxi cab companies obviously. But through the last 20 years it hasn't been exactly a best seller amoung private owners due to fuel efficiency and out of date styling (dont get me wrong i love the previous style) That could change with a updated intieror, extieror style, two different engine platforms (V6 and ecoboost V8) and a lighter frame but still keeping that famous Crown Victoria bulk appearence. I think it would be great to have an economy class V6 updated Crown Victoria with an mpg of 28 and a V8 as an option that would get 21-24mpg and have a lower 300 horepower range to compete with the 2014 Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Impala. It would also be nice for mechanical components of the older Crown Victoria to be compatible with the revamped models to keep repair costs low. I know it sounds like im describing a Taures but i think a Crown Victoria with a updated look that has a totally different and more square appearence as oppossed to the Taures, would be well recieved amoung private owners, police departments and taxi companies.
Chad A 09/08/2014
The Australian police use the Ford Falcon as an interceptor, its far more roomier then the Taurus and comes with a Turbo six or a supercharged V8 for pursuits, or an economical ecoboost four cylinder, or economical straight six in either petrol or LPG forms.
Mike 06/15/2014
I'm a police officer and I absolutely hate the Ford Interceptor. It is cramped and the seats are very uncomfortable while wearing a duty belt. The seats give me back pain. I refuse to drive this vehicle and stay in our oldest vehicle, the Crown Vic. I am campaigning to have our police department do a way with the Interceptor and go with a roomier replacement vehicle. Ford if you want to hang on to the police market bring back the Crown Victoria...
Marinus d 04/11/2014
best rock crawling car ever!! look up on youtube: ford crown vic rock crawling