Crown Victoria

Bring back the Crown Victoria as a muscle car. Give it the 5.0 and make it all wheel drive. Try to keep it a 4 door like the last run.  

It's a classic Ford, not haveing it is like not having an F-150.
Ask anyone who drives one.   
ronjon s 02/03/2014
I agree but should be AWD or RWD options and V8 or Ecoboost V6 engine choices, perhaps Galaxie or Fairlane nameplate to return for it
Denise P 02/01/2014
l would love to see the Crown Victoria seating 6 passengers be brought back. Bringing it back as a hybrid would be my dream come true and I would run not walk to buy it. I am sure I am not the only Baby Boomer that would love a 6 passenger hybrid vehicle. 
William L 01/29/2014
I like the idea of bringing back the Crown Vic, but I think it should have fwd as base, and awd as an option. I'd also like to see a Crown Vic wagon- with awd, it would be an awesome winter car.
Lee d 01/29/2014
Love my Crown Vic!! I would like to see a 2015 V8 or turbo V6 Luxury Car with rwd or awd. Thank you. Lee