Crate Transmissions

Ford currently provides a crate engine version of its newest engine(s), the coyote, the GT500 engine, etc. Seeing how they've updated not only the engine designs but the transmissions as well, it would be awesome to be able to swap both into an older car/truck. Thus, the need for the crate transmission. It would need, like the coyote, a standalone controller available for the 6 speed autos. If these standalone controllers were avialable with the 6R80 and the 6R140, every mustang, crown victoria/marauder, Fseries enthusiast would be looking at them as an upgrade path for the ancient 4R70/4R75/4R100. It would cost Ford very little, with almost no R&D, to make these available via Ford Racing.
Logan W 01/17/2013
This would be a great idea. I would love to have a 6R140 behind my 460. The E4OD is starting to look quite old with only 4 gears, a relatively tall 1st gear, and a huge jump between 3rd and OD.
Robert Todd 10/10/2011
I like the idea. I currently have a 5.0 crate coyote that I'm going to install in a 88 turbo coupe. A crate transmission would top off a very good conversion