Cougar Concept - Market available

2 Door Coupe/Hatchback body style

Think 2 door fusion platform with much sportier appearance (small rear lip, functional hood vents, etc)

AWD a must. There is a market available.

People like performance cars that can be driven in inclement weather (THAT ARE NOT FWD) (audi s4, Impreza, Lancer, new dodge charger available in AWD)

Engine options aimed for performance.
Turbo charged V6 would be perfect. Focus ST proves ford's turbo charging abilities.

Call it the Ford Cougar

Excellent heritage behind the name, failed in last body style due to poor marketing, and salesmen that didn't know how to sell a small sports coupe.

Cougar has the potential to make one heck of a comeback
Paul L 07/07/2013
I would buy it. I still have my 1978 Cougar XR7. I did buy a 2013 Fusion for commuting. My wife opted for the Charger. First non-Ford I've ever purchased.
avery c 07/05/2013
i agree. that car would kill in this market. i think there should be a 4cyl turbo 4cyl option on top of a V6 just for the people looking for good milage but a hatchback sport oriented fusion seems perfect in this market.