By Josh W.

corvette killer = cougar! two seater (they sell... just make it in lower numbers, not ford GT low but not mustang v6 high) only offer 5.0, 5.0 ecoboost and 5.8 ecoboost. build it fiberglass corvette competition that way they can quit crying about the solid rear axle and have an offering different than the mustang (two seater, shorter, etc) with that ford perfection. it would sell!!
Al Caspers 03/01/2012
Sounds cool a two seater Gougar. What about a V6 hybrid sports car Cougar and or Mustang. A big V8 like a 390 cu. in. to run with Dodge 392 Hemi . I was looking at the Dodge Challenger the new one. Ford should build a 72' retro Gran Torino the same dimension as the new Challenger. Also build a 64' or 65' Galaxy 500 2dr and 4dr to replace the old Crown Victoria. A 2dr Galaxy 500 for sport touring. Then the cops can have a new police interceptor car. A cop car this size is perfect for cops, they push cars, carry stuff, and a better shield for them. For us a nice 2dr sports car. Any one remembers the 73' Pontiac Grand am 2dr. Do a image search. It was a funny car with torque and nice engine sounds. Ford could make a hybrid for the new Galaxy 500. I really would like to see a new 390 from Ford. I don't know if the new 302 could be bored/sleeved and stroke to the 390. Ford should it and see how far they can go with the 302. In a sports car it nice to have good torque. Ford calls the new 302 the Boss. Well what about the Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet Ford could use these names. The old Boss if my history is right was a 6 bolt main made for trans am racing. The 390 was a FE block no fancy name for it. Now the 428 FE came in Cobra Jet. Ford could name the new 390, "390 Cobra Jet" to run with the Dodge 392 and a 428 Super Cobra Jet to run with Chevys Camaro 7.0. Also Ford needs to watch Dodge Charger I'm thinking they will go out with a 2dr one soon. What would call it Charger or Charger 500 like the old days? Chevy will they come out with a Chevelle retro of 70' or 72'? People seem to be buying trucks and suv's why I think car have no style until now. With the new Charger, Challenger, and Camaro. Its been year since cars looked cool and bad looking. One of the big three needs to came out with big car retro 2dr and 4dr for Ford 64' 0r 65' Galaxy 500, for Chevy 62' or 63' Impala. This car can be a hybrid or V8 for people how need the power of true American muscle. American's build the best sports car with V8 power that imports can't touch. I wish Ford would get Pontiac from GM . A future Ford car name or a division of two door sports cars, FMX.