Corvette Killer

I'm a proud owner of a '11 Mustang GT, and am impressed with the vehicles performance. I know the next generation is just around the corner, so why not make the high end Mustang the Corvette killer. After all, this was Ford's answer to Chevrolet in the 60's. Also, many editorials have compared the GT500's to vettes and GTRs. Let's do it Ford!! I have faith.
jake 04/27/2012
they should bring back the gt40, I loved it.
Kenneth Hughes 11/05/2011
Maybe not the mustang. Ford needs a new class of asphalt pounding, corvette eating kind of car. Not a muscle car but not a sports car. Somewhere in between.
Alec smith 10/24/2011
They could put a 6.2 in a mustang and call it a Cougar then it will keep up with a Corvette
james meredith 10/24/2011
wont happen. mustang will never be a vette killer. out run it? yea but it wont ever outclass it. u can pack more horses under the hood and it wont do any good. mustangs are a true "me to" car. ive sent specs and concepts to fords r&d dept on a new flagship that would compete with high end luxury and sports cars alike. ecoboost v10 awd in a modern retro coupe based of a mid 1930s ford. elegant and powerful