corvette killer

well, i think that gm with the corvette is really running away with the affordable american super car segment, and the original thunderbird was a competitor for the corvette and should be reincarnated as one with a 5.0 and 5.8 supercharged v8 and a front rear coup layout.
Mohammed S 12/14/2012
ford GT with 5.8
Ivan N 10/28/2012
Ecoboost Ford GT?
art h 10/27/2012
The Corvette is a $100,000 car and the GT500 is a $65,000 car and the GT500 will run with the vet any day. Ford brought the Tbird back and didn't sell very well so they discontinued that model. Buy the GT500 and you will smoke every Vet on the road and surprise any ZL1 out there
James T 10/25/2012
Reading the net, it appears the 2015 vette and the 2015 Mustang will be far closer together in the market than they are now.

Ford has just never found a 2 seater that was profitable. Then again, neither has GM.....