Compact Rear wheel Drive

I think Subaru and Toyota have proven there is a compact sport rear wheel drive car market out there. Ford could ressurect the Maverick as a compact coupe only or make a new identity and play in that market. Keep the car a 2 door with "back seats" and you wont really cut into the Fiesta ST market. Keep the car cheap and easy to work on and you have an attractive "mini mustang" option for those who want a small fun car.
Bring back the ford 9 inch rear and hone o drive from Shelby
Marty W 02/18/2013
How about getting back to reality. We want rear wheel drive cars. We're tired of front wheel spam cans to satisfy the government. It is a part of our tradition to drive rear wheel drive cars. All real cars have rear wheel drive, just think of any mid to expensive cars and the answer is right in front of Look at Chevrolet...they are going to offer it in the SS model. Its time has come back and we want rear wheel drive.